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Up to 84% off Virgin Train travel on selected routes! от Omio Many Geos

Условия: Travel period: Up to three months in advance of date of booking (e.g if you book on the 5th March you can travel up to the 5th June)
Routes: London – Manchester, London – Edinburgh, London – Glasgow, London – Liverpool, London – Oxenholme (Lake District).
Terms & conditions: Outbound availability may be limited at peak times on certain dates.
Valid on return tickets only (outbound journey time is selected but the return leg is valid at any time on the date of return, or up to one month afterwards).
Available for international customers only.
Valid on VT on the above routes only.
Additional terms and conditions you can find here https://docs.google.com/document/d/16fS46-gL4K_zeDCUSETMarYKc36cK1ZuoY1Jq_Cm1lY/edit

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